What Does Your Taste in Desserts Say About You?

Brian Whitney

What sounds the best?

How impulsive are you?

Would you be bummed if it was your birthday and there wasn't any cake?

How good are you at making cookies?

How often in a summer do you get ice cream?

Your friends describe you as...

What is most important in life?

Do you like desserts that are decadent?

You are at a bakery, what do you get?

Where would you go on vacation?

What kind of book would you read?

How would you work out?

How often do you make things from scratch?

Where are you on Friday night?

Do you ever try new food when you go out to eat?

How many times have you been in serious relationships?

Does dessert taste best right out of the oven?

If you were to have a party, what kind would it be?

What sounds most fun to learn?

What are you most likely to indulge yourself with?

What would be a good first date?

What is your favorite day?

What did your grandmother make the most?

How would you like to travel?

How much do you like candles?

Would you like whipped cream with that?

What would you use to eat your favorite dessert?

Do you eat ice cream even when it is cold out?

What would you be doing on the beach?

What do you do when you are sick?

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About This Quiz

When it comes to what to eat for dessert, for most of us it is game on. All of the pretensions fall by the wayside, and the real truth about us comes out.

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