Quiz: What Does Your Taste in Fast Food Say About Your Age?
What Does Your Taste in Fast Food Say About Your Age?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

Fast food isn't considered all that sophisticated very often. It's usually looked at as being unhealthy and full of fat, salt, and sugar. It has a bad reputation if we're being honest. But man, is it good stuff! It's hard to deny just how delicious a super unhealthy meal from a fast food joint can be. No matter how old you are, tasty food is just tasty food. But does it say anything about us when we eat it? Are your burger proclivities pulling back the curtain on your true self? You better believe it!

Whether it's fried chicken or tacos or a big, juicy burger, the fast food you like says a lot about you. Your age, for instance. And not just how old you are, but how old you feel. Some food is definitely for a more mature palate while some definitely exist to appeal to those young 'uns out there. If you tell us what food makes your mouth water and what food makes you cringe in fear, we'll be able to piece together just how old you are. It's a skill we have. If you're not sure how it works, worry not! Grab yourself some fries and some nuggets and take the quiz!

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