What Does Your Taste in Olive Garden Say About You?

Jennifer Post

How many breadsticks are you eating?

Out of the fried appetizers below, which one speaks to you the most?

Now look at the dips. Which one are you soaking up with your breadsticks?

On the Pronto Lunch menu, which Mediterranean favorite are you enjoying?

Are you getting a soup on the side?

Can you pick just one Traditional Favorites menu item?

Which wine are you pairing with your meal?

Let's create a pasta bowl! What pasta is the base?

Which sauce is your pasta swimming in?

Are you getting a meaty topping?

From the seafood choices below, which one would you enjoy the most?

Maybe you would rather have a beef specialty. Which one?

Which chicken dish will you take home for your family?

If you're not having wine, what are you drinking?

What entree would you order for your kids?

Which dinner-menu appetizer could you eat as a meal all on its own?

You're having your birthday party catered by Olive Garden. Which meal combination are you ordering?

Now choose from Italian classics. Which classic are you sticking with?

Are you getting any add-ons to your catering order?

Will you make dessert or get that from Olive Garden as well?

Do you normally have leftovers at the end of your meal?

If you didn't save room for dessert, are you at least having coffee?

Which Never Ending Stuffed Pasta makes your mouth water?

Breadstick sandwiches are a thing. Which one do you want on your lunch break?

Time for a drink refill! What are you going with this time around?

Are you going with a dessert cocktail over an actual dessert?

One more savory item! Out of the options below, which is your absolute favorite?

Okay, now one last sweet treat. What dessert are you taking home with you for later?

Are you getting one last order of breadsticks for your leftovers?

Are you too full for one more snack?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Anthony92931

About This Quiz

The first Olive Garden opened on December 13, 1982 in Orlando, Florida, and the world wouldn't be the same without it. With all the different pastas, chicken dishes, salads and soups, choosing what you want to eat can be the hardest choice you'll make that day. That's why the restaurant has implemented things like choosing a small salad and soup or one entree to enjoy in the restaurant with another one to take home for later. They know that they have so much delicious food that they give their customers a chance to try more than one thing at a time.

Olive Garden is also known for their breadsticks, which come to your table when you get there and then keep coming until you tell them to stop. They are good to dip in soups, pasta sauces and olive oil, and they're even good on their own. Food orders can say a lot about a person. Those who order spicy food probably like a lot of excitement in their lives. Those who opt for a salad and no pasta are health conscious and probably like to work out. What does your taste in Olive Garden say about you? Take this quiz to find out!

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