What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Zoe Samuel

How many shoes do you own?

Can you walk in high heels?

Is practicality important?

Do you have more than four pairs of jeans?

What about more than one pair of walking boots?

How many wears can you get out of a pair of tights before you inevitably ladder them?

Who do you hope to impress?

Who's a fashion icon for you?

Would you rather be fashionable or stylish?

Do you know how to dress your body type to make it awesome?

Would you consider yourself good at shopping?

Do you have any ethical considerations when you shop, like ensuring the clothing is sweatshop-free?

Do you wear more skirts or pants?

Do you own a suit?

What color palette suits you best?

Do you own any logo tees?

Do you own any clothing people might consider controversial?

How much of your wardrobe would you say is dry-clean only?

Do you own anything with pinstripes on it?

How many tank tops do you have?

Do you own a strapless bra?

How about a nude strapless push-up bra?

Do you know how to accessorize?

What jewelry is on your hands right now?

With what one wardrobe item is it always worth buying the expensive version?

Would you wear something twice if the first time it gave you a blister?

Do you choose what to wear the night before, or morning of?

What outfit makes you feel your most sexy?

Have you ever not been sure whether something was clean, but wore it anyway?

Do you consider the contents of your wardrobe to be lots of clothes, or a variety of outfits?

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About This Quiz

Whether you have a signature style or you throw on whatever's in the closet, your wardrobe tells the world a lot about you. What are you putting out there with the clothes on your back?

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