What Dog Breed Are You?

Zoe Samuel

How messy are you?

Do you like to work?

How sociable are you?

How fussy are you?

Have you ever hugged someone without taking a moment to assess whether they want a hug?

How often do you apologize?

Do you chase your dreams with everything you've got?

How academically smart are you?

How about street smarts?

Someone offers you something to eat. What do you do?

What is the best place to be in water?

How many hours a day do you like to sleep, if you can?

Who do you like most?

Who do you rely on?

Would you die for someone you love?

Do you tidy up after yourself?

How long can you be alone before you get lonely?

What fictional dog do you admire?

What non-fictional dog do you admire?

Where is the best place to nap?

Cats: friend or foe?

How big are your feet, relative to your body?

Are you more bark than bite?

How good is your sense of smell?

How fast are you?

What's your physique like?

Have you ever put some food aside for later?

Have you ever lied to someone you love and not confessed?

What's your best season?

Who's a good boy (or girl)?

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About This Quiz

Everyone loves dogs - except for movie villains, oddballs, and people whose allergies have given them a Pavlovian aversion. Still, such people are relatively rare; most people like or love dogs pretty thoroughly. Indeed, a great many people think more highly of dogs than they do of a human when they meet them and are far more inclined to like and trust a dog at first sight. 

After all, you would never meet a human being and immediately cuddle them, smile as they climb all over you, and then let them lick your face - and if they did do all of those things, you certainly wouldn't respond by telling them that you love them and that they are a very good boy. When you meet a dog, however, this is par for the course.

Loving dogs doesn't mean loving all dogs equally. We all have our preferences. Some prefer a great big hairy creature whose mere presence means no one will mess with us. Other prefer something compact and apartment-friendly. Some of us like our dogs fierce and others like them gentle. 

Which dog you love the most, and in what state you imagine that dog being the happiest, tells us which dog breed you are channeling on the inside. Let's find out!

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