What Dog Breed Should You Actually Adopt?

Isadora Teich

Are you afraid of large dogs?

Which of these traits would you value most in a canine companion?

How active is your lifestyle?

Would you need your dog to get along with other pets?

What is your opinion of "purse dogs"?

Are you going to want your dog to join you on hiking, camping, or other outdoor adventures?

How affectionate is your ideal dog?

What is your favorite part of having a dog?

Do you have the patience for a dog that is sassy or stubborn?

Is it important to you that your dog is super smart?

How often do you want to walk your dog?

Do you like saggy lipped and wrinkly dogs?

Is it highly important to you that your dog can offer protection?

Would you be upset with your dog if they couldn't do any very impressive tricks?

in your opinion, what is the ideal sized dog for your lifestyle?

Which negative dog trait is the biggest turn off for you?

Some breeds have bad reputations. Would that stop you from adopting a dog of that breed?

Would you enjoy having a dog that you know others might be scared of?

How much experience do you have training dogs?

Have you ever owned a dog before?

Would you want to have a dog who might be stronger than you?

While owning a dog is a lot of fun, you also have to be strict with them at times. How comfortable are you with that?

How important is it to you that your dog is good with kids?

Is it important to you that your dog have a laid-back personality?

What color would you rather your dog be?

Black dogs and cats often go un-adopted because people think they are unlucky or a bad omen. How likely would you be to adopt a black dog?

If a breed is super popular, would that turn you off of it?

How do you feel about hunting dogs?

If your dog was super high energy, how would that sit with you?

Which kind of dog would you prefer?

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About This Quiz

Dogs are truly man's best friend, but that doesn't mean that every breed is the same. All have their quirks, intelligence level, energy level, unique needs, and fun personalities. While some breeds are ideal for those who live active lifestyles and love competition, others are calm and gentle, but a lot harder to train. While some dogs are great for beginners who are just looking for a low-maintenance companion, others are difficult to train and need a seasoned hand for sure. Not every kind of dog is the right fit for every person and every lifestyle. Have you ever wondered which breed best suits you?     

Whether you are looking for a big dog for protection, or a sassy purse-sized companion to spice up your life, there is a lot more that goes into dog ownership than just aesthetics. While certain types of pets can often become trendy due to certain celebrities, films, or internet culture, a dog that looks cute in a meme might prove to be a real handful in real life! 

So, answer some questions about your preferences and lifestyle, and we will give you an idea of which furry friend will make an ideal companion for you! 

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