Quiz: What dog breed should you adopt? Quiz
What dog breed should you adopt? Quiz
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Everyone loves dogs! Unless you're a Bond villain, or you had a bad experience with the neighbor's angry guard dog, that is. These hairy, messy, goofy creatures have been at mankind's side for tens of thousands of years, ever since they first shared the warmth of our fires on the prairies and savannas of old, and paid us for our hospitality with their protection and their love.

Since those days, our friendship with dogs has evolved and specialized. Now we have dogs for all sorts of purposes: dogs who protect our homes and our bodies; dogs who help us find our way around and even perform certain chores for us; dogs who entertain us on TV or elsewhere; dogs who herd other animals for us or assist us when we hunt for ourselves; and dogs who are simply our companions, sharing our homes and making us smile every day. 

All of these dogs have begun to look very different, just as their personalities have tended to differentiate too. Some are feisty; some are docile; some can learn 100 or more commands, and others are really just there to look pretty; some would kill for us and others would certainly run and hide if things went south.

This means, of course, that no matter what your lifestyle or personality, there is a dog out there who is perfectly prepared to share it with you - and this quiz will help you figure out who they are! Good luck!

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