What Element Represents Your Relationship With God?

Tasha Moore

Do you tend to get overwhelmed by the plan that God requires you to follow?

Do you make wise decisions based on God's laws?

If God called you to lead His people, what would your reaction be?

Are you receptive to other people's perceptions of God?

How would you describe your relationship with God?

Is it easy for you to recognize when God is moving in your life?

How amenable are you to God's decree to "be fruitful and multiply"?

How do you expect God to respond to your transgressions?

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs?

During times of adversity, does your level of faith increase or decrease?

Are you patient when it comes to God's plans for you?

What's your take on God's commandment: "Thou shalt not steal."?

Do you enjoy an active prayer life?

Do you embrace missionary work?

Do you pray to God with face to floor or sitting upright?

How often do you read the Bible?

Do you practice tithing?

Which one of Jesus's disciples are you most like?

How often do you heed God's calling to give to the poor?

During Christmas time, do you celebrate the culture or the spirit of the holiday?

Do consider Halloween to be a real holiday?

Do you believe that your faith in God will one day allow you to walk on water?

How do you celebrate Easter Sunday?

Do you practice Holy Communion?

Do you believe the miracle stories that others tell you?

Do you appreciate your God-given gifts?

What's an example of God's miracles that inspires you?

Are you greedy when you eat?

Do you perform charitable works in God's name?

Do you believe that there's a limit to one's faith in God?

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Image: Getty Images / Moment / WanRu Chen

About This Quiz

Would you describe your relationship with God to be more like water, fire, wind or earth? This personality quiz will help you to narrow down these choices, and give you a reasonable, extravagant or somewhere-in-between analysis about the nature of your connection with the Creator of all things.

Take a moment to consider how much you value holy holidays, rituals and other believers. You can assess a lot about your perceptions of God by how much you esteem the less fortunate. Do you give to the needy, or do you require motivation in order to do good works? There are no right or wrong answers on this test; we all have natural tendencies to do certain things, especially in the name of God.

Noah navigated a mighty ship upon it; Moses parted it; and Jesus walked on it. Does water best describe your God-connection? The prophets swore by it, and Moses received instructions from it. Is fire your signature element when it comes to God? The sound of rushing mighty wind from heaven descended upon the apostles, and God promised to show signs on earth. Can the elements of wind or earth best distinguish the nature of your alliance with the Great Wise One? Scroll to gain more insight!

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