Quiz: What Era of American History Do You Belong In?
What Era of American History Do You Belong In?
By: Zoe Samuel
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American history hasn't been an entirely smooth road. On the scale of human history, the last 240 years represent a relatively modest sliver of time, but thanks to a combination of geography, climate, cultural factors, previous history, and demography, America has been an exceptionally exciting place to be for its somewhat short existence. 

For those who were here before the USA became the USA, of course, that 240 period (and the 100 to 150 years preceding it) contains a great deal of misery. Likewise, for those who did not travel to these shores by choice, America's existence hasn't always been their idea of happy fun times. However, in the words of a great American, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." So it is in the United States, where the progress of the country from a place that TALKED good ideas but didn't live them to a place that is starting to embody them more has been a very complicated path indeed.

Where would you have thrived along this rocky road? Did you belong in the Gilded Age, when inequality was at its peak, and the working class began to organize itself to do something about it? Are you from the 1960s, an age when Civil Rights, feminism, and environmentalism started to take hold? Do you belong now, in the period of great trials but also a great awakening of civic awareness as people double down on fighting for what they value? Or are you best aligned with the time when it all began, when everything seemed possible, and the idea of a perfect nation hadn't been threatened by the realities of life in the 1700s? Let's find out!

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