Quiz: What Era Is Your Inner Soul From?
What Era Is Your Inner Soul From?
By: Alex Wittman
Image: holgs/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Don't get us wrong. With selfie sticks, hipster beards and microbreweries on basically every corner, the late 2010s are quite the time to be alive. That being said, fidget spinners and Netflix binges aren't for everyone. Even though it may be difficult to imagine a world without WiFi, take a second to be honest with yourself. Don't you ever get the feeling that maybe you were meant for another time?

Yep, us too.

Perhaps your inner soul would feel more at home in another era! A time that better fits with your personality. Picture yourself decked out in a flapper dress with a minty Grasshopper cocktail in your hand. Or, *gasp* watching MTV when it actually showed music videos. Imagine fighting for the future of the world, or think about what it would feel like to rebel against every single social norm in the book. Just because you are living in the late 2010s doesn't mean this is where your inner soul belongs. 

Discover the meaning behind your vintage taste and nostalgic inklings. The answer may surprise you. Take our quiz and find out what era your inner soul is from! This way, if time travel is ever invented, you'll be ready.

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