What Faction Am I?

Ian Fortey

Let's start things out with a question of authority. Exactly who should lead a group of people?

You need to take an aptitude test to figure out your faction. How are you with tests?

The "Divergent" world was sadly devoid of social media, but if it had some, what app would you be using?

During a job interview, they always ask you what your greatest strength is. What would your answer be?

"Divergent" as a book or a movie no longer exists. Pick another story to get into.

Job interviewers also tend to ask you what your worst quality is. What are you telling them?

Did you have an easy time selecting your classes in school or not?

In the real world here, what would you most like to do for a living?

Have you ever been in a fight?

If college didn't cost money, would you keep taking classes after you graduated?

If you learned a secret that you knew would absolutely crush your best friend, would you tell them?

What's your opinion on doing volunteer work?

Do you think too much knowledge can be dangerous?

Is it ever OK to use physical violence?

When do you think it's OK to lie to other people?

Should you really have to decide who you want to be when you're still a teenager?

How well do you think you'd manage in a post-apocalyptic world?

There are many kinds of apocalypses in fiction. Which one is the most interesting to you?

Which post-apocalyptic movie is clearly the most awesome?

Do you know what you need? Superpowers! Pick one!

What can someone do on a first date that will make you not want a second date?

All things being equal, where would you rather spend most of your time?

When do you get your best work done?

Do you have a season you feel more in tune with than the others?

It's game night! What game would you like to play most with your friends?

Which of the Greek gods do you think was the coolest?

If you found out someone you cared about was cheating on their significant other, would you out them?

Do you donate money to any charitable causes?

What's the greatest sport out there?

If someone told you that you couldn't pursue the path you wanted in life, how would you react?

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About This Quiz

In the world created by Veronica Roth in her "Divergent" series of novels, society has divided itself along five potential paths with a few notable but curious exceptions. Citizens, at the age of 16, must choose a Faction to join and that Faction's qualities will indicate what sort of life the person will lead.

Are you a healer? A scholar? A warrior? A truth-seeker? A peacekeeper? There's a path for you to follow that allows those qualities to shine. Of course, there are those for whom no faction will be the right fit, and they end up Factionless, doing more mundane tasks in life. And then there are those who are Divergent, who can't fit into a single box and exude the qualities of more than one Faction. Those people are the Divergent, and no one likes them. They represent a kind of chaos that could, according to the rules, threaten all of society. Heavy stuff, right?

Choosing the right Faction is essential in Divergent society, as are themes of fitting in and how you deal with authority, especially when you think they're wrong. If you're not 100% sure which Faction you might need to start in you're in luck! Our quiz can help you find the answer!

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