What Famous Supervillain Matches Your Dark Side?

Ian Fortney

All things being equal, are you more light in your day-to-day life or dark?

Are you in control of your anger or do you fly off the handle?

Do you find that little things set you off easily?

What's the most diabolical motive you've ever had for doing something wrong?

Which of the darker emotions do you tend to succumb to most easily?

Do you ever regret showing your dark side after you've had time to calm down?

Do you actually enjoy arguing with other people?

Have you ever made a fake profile on social media to see what someone was saying about you in secret?

How long is your fuse?

Can you keep a civil tongue in your head, or do you start cussing when you rage?

How do you chill yourself out again once you've strayed over to the dark side?

What annoying habit could someone else have that will absolutely set you off?

Are you a road rager?

Are you attracted to other people who have a pretty noticeable dark side as well?

Has there ever been a particular person in life who brought out your dark side more than someone else? A nemesis, if you will?

How much time do you get in the average year to just get away and not worry about dark things?

No one ever really thinks they're the villain in their own story, but do you feel like you've ever done bad things?

Have you ever tried therapy or something similar to get more control over any of your darker impulses?

What's the best franchise of superhero movies out there?

If you were superpowered yourself, which superhero do you feel like you could take on in a fight?

Which supervillain has yet to make an appearance in the MCU that you'd like to see sometime?

Black is obviously the color of choice for people feeling dark and broody. Say the store was sold out of black today. What color are you going with?

Do you hate any actors so much you refuse to watch movies they're in no matter what the movie is about?

Do you ever hate-watch TV shows and then complain about them on the internet?

Have you ever stolen something?

If you tell a lie, that makes you a liar. Are you a liar?

Have you ever blamed something you did on another person just to get the heat off of you?

The pizza guy arrives 2 minutes early and your food is piping hot and perfect. What are you tipping?

Do you ever wish you could go back and do things differently?

What is your best quality on the light side of things?

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Image: DC Films / Village Roadshow Pictures / Bron Creative / Joint Effort

About This Quiz

In real life, heroes protect us from bad things. Firefighters protect us from fires, police officers protect us from criminals and a good Samaritan on the street may protect us from falling rocks, escaped hyenas or a random mugging. But in the world of superheroes, we need to up the ante. They protect us from supervillains and supervillains are bad, bad news. Their darkness is like a refined, condensed version of the bad things we run across every day. It has to be, since it represents the worst of the worst that needs to be countered by the best of the best. 

The supervillain is such a powerful character because whichever one it is, it's like a magnified mirror focused on the worst habits we can imagine. The worst impulses and desires. They come from us and we recognize in us those bad tendencies amplified to a crazy degree, waiting to be thwarted by a hero. You can't help but want the hero to win but at the same time, if it's a good villain, you'll see yourself in there, too. Those are the best kind. So which villain do you see in yourself? Which one comes out when you go to the dark side? Why not take the quiz and see!

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