What Fashion Faux Pas Are You Most Likely to Make?

Jennifer Post

What do you normally wear to work?

If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

Where do you get most of your clothes from?

Did you get to pick out your own clothes when you were younger?

Would you consider yourself a rule follower?

Do you wear a lot of jewelry?

Is it important that your shoes match your belt?

When do people come to you for fashion advice?

Would you ever win best dressed?

Did you used to share clothes with your siblings growing up?

Is there a fashion trend you wish would go away?

What does your phone case look like?

Do you dress differently when you have people coming over?

Everyday casual wear is a big part of a wardrobe. What casual staple do you swear by?

If you can think of one, what style would you never wear?

When you travel, do you try to dress like a local?

How do you feel about fanny packs?

Thinking about overalls, would you still wear them?

Why do you think you aren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

Can blazers be worn casually?

What would you wear to your own birthday party?

Are band T-shirts appropriate for wearing outside your home?

Would you rock a bodysuit and jeans?

Do you believe that certain body types shouldn't wear certain clothing items?

How much do you care about ethically made clothes and accessories?

Do you agree that beauty is pain?

Would you wear jeans with holes in them?

Of all the decades, which one do you think had the best clothes?

Do you get any of your clothes tailored?

Are you a bargain shopper?

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Image: Tariq Dajani / Stockbyte / Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are so many fashion rules out there. No white after Labor Day. Don't wear black with navy. Leggings are pants. Horizontal stripes aren't flattering on thicker women. With all of these, and more, out there it's hard to know what's okay to wear and what's not. But there are some fashion faux pas that you just can't get around. Of course, anyone is free to wear whatever they want, there might just be some talk behind their back about their panty-line showing or see-through leggings.

Those who don't care much for fashion and its rules probably won't know what is a no-no and what is acceptable. Ignorance is bliss in that situation because they don't know there are rules and that they are breaking them. But those who are aware of the fashion dos and don'ts and choose to ignore them, well, they are a fashion faux pas waiting to happen.

Where did all of these things even start? Most likely from the fashion industry trying to put things out of style so that they can design things and make you want to buy them by writing off other things. The fashion industry makes the rules most of the time. So what fashion faux pas are you most likely to make? Take this quiz to find out!

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