What Feature Is Most Attractive to You?

Talin Vartanian

Do you respond better to those who laugh, cry or hide their emotions from other people?

If the window to someone's soul isn't their eyes, what else would it be?

Would you rather date someone who cares too much or too little about their appearance?

If your significant other wore blue mascara for a date, would that be a turn off for you?

Logic versus creativity: What is more attractive to you in a potential significant other?

It's Friday night and you decide to watch some TV for the evening. Which of these shows are you about to binge-watch?

You're about to take your crush out on a first date! Where will you take them to make a great first impression?

Is it better to give someone a very expensive gift or to make one yourself?

Let's say that your significant other really wants a dog, but you don't. What would you tell them?

Would you rather text your crush for one hour straight or have a conversation with them on the phone for 30 minutes?

Are you the type of person who makes decisions in a relationship, or do you leave that up to your significant other?

You've just found $1,000 on the street. How much of that will you give to your significant other or crush?

How do you feel about dating someone who has unique features on their face, such as freckles or dimples?

If your crush paid for your meal bill, would that make you feel guilty or upset?

Is there anything about your ideal crush that would make you feel intimidated by them?

Do you think that there's such a thing as saying "I love you" too much to your crush or significant other?

Pretend that you and your crush are spending the evening indoors. Which of these board games are you two about to play?

Are you more attracted to independent people or people who are a little bit clingy?

If you could paint your heart a different type of color (other than red), what color would you choose?

Trust can shatter in an instant when it comes to relationships. How long would it take to build it back up?

Would you rather argue with someone who is more aggressive or passive-aggressive?

How would you feel if your crush or significant other was a little too honest with you about their feelings?

Uh oh! You just caught your significant other going through your phone. What would you say to them?

Is your ideal crush more book smart, street smart or something else?

If there was a secret to having a long-lasting relationship, what do you think it would be?

Match your crush or significant other's personality to one of these delectable candies.

Which of these flowers would you give to your crush or significant other on Valentine's Day?

Could you handle being away from your crush or significant other for at least three months?

Would you ever wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise with the person you love?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how energetic would you like your ideal crush to be?

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About This Quiz

When it comes to dating, human beings are attracted to many different physical and emotional traits. For example, some people prefer an adventurous and fearless personality while others look for individuals who are more quiet and wise. But before you get to know someone's personality, you have to see what they look like, right? So in that regard, we want to know what types of features are the most attractive to you!

It's important to establish the fact that there are no right and wrong preferences when it comes to attractive features. Although some people are attracted to full lips, shiny hair and a narrow jawline, there are many others who have the opposite types of preferences. In other words, there are no defined standards when it comes to beauty. But we will let you in on a little secret: If you want to appear more attractive to other people, we suggest exuding some confidence. Confident people are related to success and happiness, and many individuals naturally want to associate themselves with these types of people. So whether you're attracted to confidence, ears, freckles or something entirely different, take our quiz to find out what naturally draws you to other people. 

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