Quiz: What Food Duo Are You and Your Significant Other?
What Food Duo Are You and Your Significant Other?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Everyone knows peanut butter and jelly go together! When we eat, there are often pairings that we prefer. These food duos go together like they were made for each other. Some other examples include bacon and eggs and chicken and waffles. And while we like to dress up as food pairings for Halloween, some of our relationships are actually like these famous food duos.

Are you and your significant other peanut butter and jelly: two unlikely squishy people who not only look good but do good together (you don't even need some stupid bread to be complete)? Are you guys cookies and milk, a perfect balance of soft and hard, where one helps out where the other is lacking? Are you and your partner like carrots and celery, where two similar people have found that their common interests can also lead to love, romance, and happiness? Or are you and the love of your life biscuits and gravy, a classic coupling that can never be wrong and is all the more delicious for it?

So, if you're curious about finding out which classic food duo you and your partner-in-crime are most like, take a bite out of this quiz! See what we did there? Ha!

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