Quiz: What Four-Letter Word Perfectly Describes You?
What Four-Letter Word Perfectly Describes You?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

You could be absolutely amazing, or you could be deviously devilish, but those phrases are a bit of a mouthful. If you were summed up in the simplest of terms, a four-letter word, which one would it be? Don't go too crazy thinking about all the four-letter words you can think of - we've already done that part for you. To figure it out without giving yourself a migraine, all you have to do is tell us about yourself! 

While no one is truly evil, it is a pretty descriptive word! Some of the words we use most often are comprised of only four letters - even the spicy ones! To learn about the four letter word that sums you up in a way longer letters cannot, we need to learn about you. Share your relationship quirks, your personal pet peeves, and a few things about your lifestyle with us, and we'll sort through our immense database of words to find your exact four letter match! 

Try not to think too hard about your answers! Pick the one that stands out to you the most, and move on to the next. Even your manner of choosing with help us find your four letter word! Are you ready?

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