Quiz: What Gemstone Will Protect You?
What Gemstone Will Protect You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

LOVE THE STONE, BE THE STONE. It might not be your birthday, but that's no reason for you to not be all about your gemstone and all the other ones! Regardless of if you were born in February or August, your birthstone and the countless others have particular meanings. Which gemstone do you need to protect you?

When it comes to gemstones, our first introduction is probably through our birth. While we're usually busy grouping ourselves into zodiac signs, there's also the gemstones that get assigned to every month. If you were born in April, you'd be diamond. For those born in September, they'd be the blue sapphire. Although many people appreciate these stones for their beautiful colors, there's a lot more meaning behind them!

Gemstones are often used by those who believe they have a deeper, spiritual function. While some believe they have healing properties, many others believe that they can protect them from bad energies. 

If you need a bit of emotional healing, you might go with rose quartz. It is also meant to help strengthen love and give you compassion. For those who need to keep a clear mind, you'd probably have amethyst protecting you. This gemstone is meant to help keep you sober, conscious, and aware. Will moonstones give you patience or will malachite protect you from low self-esteem? There's only one way to find out!

Take this quiz and let's find out which gemstone you need to protect you!

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Which bouquet of flowers would cheer up your house?

2.0 of 30
Which drink do you order to stay focused on your work?

3.0 of 30
Where do you hold most of your tension and stress?

4.0 of 30
What is your favorite kind of accessory?

6.0 of 30
Which season do you feel most alive in?

7.0 of 30
Which nightmare do you get most commonly?

8.0 of 30
What do you usually order at the bar with your friends?

10.0 of 30
Which holiday do you get most psyched for?

12.0 of 30
What part of your body are you most protective of?

13.0 of 30
Who do you call when you are in trouble?

15.0 of 30
What is your favorite way of traveling for fun?

16.0 of 30
Where is your favorite place to post about your life?

17.0 of 30

19.0 of 30

20.0 of 30
Which superpower would you have if it were based on your personality?

21.0 of 30
What do you feel is your greatest personality strength?

22.0 of 30
What physical feature are you most confident flaunting?

23.0 of 30
What is your favorite home spa treatment?

24.0 of 30
What idea gives you the most anxiety?

26.0 of 30

27.0 of 30
Which hobby would you love to dedicate a room in your house to?

29.0 of 30
Which idea gives you the most happiness?

30.0 of 30
Which element represents how you are feeling right now?

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