Quiz: What Geographical Feature Are You?
What Geographical Feature Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

This beautiful blue marble we call the Earth is 25,000 miles around, and it contains on that vast surface a multitude of landscapes.

There are fiery deserts, where life can struggle to survive in temperatures over 120F, rainfall is below an inch a year, and finding water consumes the days. There are seemingly endless oceans that sprawl over 70% of the planet, reaching as deep as 2 miles and containing whole ecosystems that we have yet to fully understand. There are beautiful forests, plains and grasslands that teem with a wide variety of life and sustain our farms and our homes. There are high mountains,  where humans might fight to breathe but it's not clear if the views or the lack of oxygen took our breath away first. Some of these mountains are hundreds of millions of years old and some - like the Rockies in North America - are relatively "new" in geological terms. 

Each of us feels at home in a different one of these - and each of us possesses characteristics that are similar to that one. From warm and welcoming plains to craggy and cold mountains to tempestuous oceans to dangerous and unyielding desert, which landscape are you most like?

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