What % Goth Were You in High School?

Tori Highley

Which of these animals did you wish could be your school mascot?

What was your favorite Gothic accessory?

Which statement best describes your ideal locker position?

How did you relax in high school?

Which of these musical artists really got your soul in high school?

What was your favorite snack after school?

Which single piece of makeup was most important to you in high school?

What was your biggest fear in high school?

Which of these required readings did you actually enjoy?

Which statement describes your feelings about the band Fall Out Boy?

Which jacket did you grab when your mom said you'd catch a cold?

Which of these clubs would you have rather snuck into with your fake ID?

Which sport did you actually enjoy playing?

Which of these wicked gifts would you have loved as a birthday present?

What did you constantly beg your parents to let you do to your hair?

In which of these afterschool clubs did you participate?

Which store did you always make a beeline for at the mall?

Who gave you the best advice in high school?

What stickers are plastered all over your high school belongings?

Which is closest to your favorite pair of shoes in high school?

Which of these cult-classic horror films is your favorite?

Where were you "forced" to volunteer most often?

What was your favorite cafeteria meal?

Where was your favorite place to hang out with your friends?

Which of the cool piercings did you actually get to get in high school?

Which subject did you excel at?

Which vending machine beverage were you constantly drinking?

Which of these statements best describes your worst nightmare in high school?

Who were you at prom?

Which holiday reigned supreme to you and your friends at school?

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About This Quiz

Being in high school is usually pretty hard, but being interested in the occult made high school even harder. If you showed any signs of the goth subculture or punk tendencies, everyone around you would continuously overreact to your choices. Between your grandmother constantly looking for signs of devil worship and your old-fashioned teachers suspecting you of dealing weed, it took a lot of gumption to strap those boots on and line those black lips perfectly. The Vice Principal followed you around to report the slightest dress code infraction, and your parents didn't even back you up when you got in trouble. 

Luckily, your appearance made dealing with your peers a breeze. Most of your fellow students were too afraid of you hexing them into an F on the next test to mess with you. The ones who weren't scared were pretty decent people, which made it easier for you to find friends. 

Even if you didn't dress like Marilyn Manson every day, everyone around you knew how goth you were. Let us help you discover what people thought of you and your rebellious self in high school. We bet you were more hardcore goth than you thought!

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