What Grand Theft Auto Character Are You?

Ian Fortey

Cash is king in GTA What's the best way to make a few bucks?

The franchise is getting pretty beefy these days. Which installment is hands down the best?

You have a lot of "A" you can "GT" in the games. Which car was actually the worst of them all?

What's the most important weapon to pack when you're heading out on a mission?

If you could only drive one car ever again in GTA what would it be?

How are your piloting skills in the GTA universe?

Everyone in GTA has to call someplace home. Pick a city!

In the real world, you want to steer clear of gangs. In GTA, maybe you want to do some business. Which gang are you working with?

One of the best parts of GTA is the exceptional quality radio you can listen to. Pick your channel!

What's the most expensive thing you'd ever shell out for in GTA?

The latest GTA games came out for Xbox One and PS4. Which other system put out your favorite GTA game?

You can be an almost-legit businessperson in GTA if you want. What's your business of choice?

Sometimes you need to throw down hand-to-hand in GTA. What's the best melee weapon?

Be honest — how much time did you spend choosing an outfit in GTA V?

You need a place to crash in GTA. Pick a property!

What's the most money you've ever amassed in the game at one time?

Between missions and online play, there's a lot to do in the GTA world. What's your favorite pastime?

GTA has more than its fair share of mystery. Which mythical creature would you try to hunt down?

GTA V is chock full of Easter Eggs. Do you have a favorite?

Some players have tried to get through GTA without ever actually hurting anyone. Would you give it a try?

So, do you ever troll other players online?

Have you ever tried your hand at making money on the GTA stock market?

If you're playing online with a friend, what are the odds neither of you will intentionally take the other one out at some point?

Ever rage-quit?

Bad sports get sent to the Bad Sport Lobby. Have you ever been there?

What's the one part of the game that you never get sick of?

No cars, no SUVs, no trucks. What are you going to drive?

Did you finish GTA V to 100%?

Do you prefer gaming online or do you like just playing by yourself?

When the next GTA comes out how soon will you get it?

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Image: Rockstar North / Rockstar Games

About This Quiz

With sales in the hundreds of millions, the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise has grown to be the fourth most popular video game series in the world, just behind Tetris and the Mario and Pokémon franchises. People just love the idea of letting loose in Liberty City or Vice City and having no rules to follow, only mayhem and chaos. 

The games are fun! And that fun is due in no small part to the incredible effort Rockstar Games puts into creating memorable characters. Not only do they pull in some incredible voice-acting talent to make them come to life, they give them some memorable and interesting personalities as well. They do bad things, but they're not always bad people. Sometimes they are, but not always. And that creates a really cool dynamic, because who's always all good or all bad? No one, really. So even when you play as the totally unhinged Trevor Phillips, there's something cool and weird to uncover as you develop his story. 

With such a diverse cast over the years, Rockstar has made a ton of personalities come to life. So which one do you think you might be? Hop behind the wheel of that Dewbauchee Vagner and let's find out!

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