Quiz: What Heroic Act Would You Be Promoted for in the Military?
What Heroic Act Would You Be Promoted for in the Military?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some folks crumble under pressure, but not you. You have a heart of gold and nerves of steel! You possess the kind of internal fortitude other people could only dream of having inside them. You would never leave a man behind, and you would protect a stranger's child with your whole life! This quiz wants to know what makes you tick, and how you respond under duress.

When something shocking happens, are you the type to stand there with your mouth open for a few minutes? Or are you the type that springs into action without thinking and regardless of your own personal safety? The way you would respond to a few scenarios will also help us decide why the military would promote you based on your heroic acts. In fact, we want to know exactly which act of bravery you would be known for committing. 

Whether you saved the platoon's food from floating away or you freed a hostage from an enemy camp, we are looking forward to hearing your story. We're already impressed with the way you've stepped up to take the quiz. We know you will use our answer for the betterment of your world! Thank you. 

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