Quiz: What Horse Breed Holds the Key to Your Soul?
What Horse Breed Holds the Key to Your Soul?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Martyn Ferry/ Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

As you are probably well aware, your soul is guarded quite well by an angel, a mythical beast, or an apex predator. What you might not know is that in addition to a soul guardian, you also have a keeper of the keys. To get past your soul's gates, any who hope to pass must first charm the pants off of your horse key holder. The question is - which horse breed is it?

From Pintos to Clydesdales, the world of horses has a lot of strong and reliable key keepers to choose from. Once we figure out what kind of soul your horse is keeping safe, we will be able to tell you the specific breed. You do not need to have any horseback riding experience to be perfectly paired with the horse breed that holds your keyring. All you need to do is speak from your heart, and we'll do the rest.

Are your soul's keys guarded by a wild and uncontrollable horse, or another, more docile breed? After you tell us all about yourself, we will let you know which horse proudly prances around your soul's gate and keeps all the riff raft away. Which one will it be?

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Which of your qualities is most dominant?

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Which farm animal is the cutest?

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What human treat would you give a horse?

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Which famous horse do you know the most about?

10 of 30
Which horse movie do you enjoy the most?

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What kind of cowboy hat could your rock?

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What would you name a pet horse?

13 of 30
Which animal do you like almost as much as a horse?

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How would your friends describe your sense of fashion?

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Which western U.S. state would you most like to visit?

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Which mythical creature guards your soul?

22 of 30
Which costume would you wear for Halloween?

23 of 30
What kind of boots do you wear most often?

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Which horse breed do you find most interesting?

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Which plains animal is scariest?

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What kind of jacket do you prefer?

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