What Horse Breed Is Your Soul Guardian?

Ian Fortey

How many times have you ridden a horse in your life?

If you had to, could you get a saddle on a horse without any help?

The Avengers are Earth's greatest heroes. Which one do you like the most?

Do you consider yourself athletic?

Do you get easily distracted at work or are you able to stay on task until the job is done?

Are you a friendly and outgoing sort of person?

Next to horses, what's your favorite animal that spends most of its time on a farm?

If your car's in the shop and you have no horse handy, how would you get around town?

Horse racing is a pretty popular past time for some folks. What other kind of racing are you into?

When your friends are in a bind, how likely are they to come to you for advice?

Horses play a big part in most Western movies. Westerns aside, what film genre do you like the most?

It's game night! What board game would you most like to play?

What's the best topping for a burger?

If you won airfare to anywhere in the world, where do you think you'd like to go?

Do you do anything to keep yourself in shape?

Horses are pretty athletic animals but they haven't mastered extreme sports yet. What extreme sport would you like to try the most?

Let's go a little less extreme. What kind of water sports are you into?

What are you cooking up on the grill?

Which animal out in the wild would you most be afraid of running into?

Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding before?

If we're ordering some pizzas, what do you want us to get on yours?

If you're at a big party with all kinds of people, where are we most likely to find you?

In your friend group, are you the leader or somewhere else in the pack?

Are you all work and no play or can you strike a balance?

Are you pretty handy around the house or not?

When you get up in the morning, are you eager to get going or does it take you a while to get moving?

How do you like to unwind on weekends?

You probably don't know a ton of real horses but everyone knows some fictional ones. Who's your favorite?

Speaking of souls, do you believe in past lives or reincarnation?

Pick your favorite almost-horse from mythology!

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About This Quiz

Humans and horses have been working together for over 5,000 years. Of all the animals we've domesticated, none have come close to being as helpful to us, historically, as the horse. Dogs are great, but a dog can't help you travel from one town to the next. Or plow your fields.  The bond between human and horse is a deep one and for good reason. They truly are amazing animals, and the various breeds of horses have proven themselves to be as diverse and as interesting as people. They are noble, kind, hard-working, loyal, intelligent and they can even be funny. Spend enough time with horses and there's no doubt they have a sense of humor. Once you get to know horses it's hard to not be in love with them.

Now obviously you're a horse person and you probably even have a breed you consider your favorite. At least a top five. But those are the breeds you like for whatever reason. Things can get a little deeper, though. What breed resonates with you deep down? What breed exists in your soul, guarding you against the perils of the world? If you really want to know then you have but one choice! Take the quiz and find out for sure.

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