What Hot Fall 2017 Nail Polish Shade Should You Wear?

Tori Highley

How long do you keep your nails?

What is the first thing you throw on when the chill of fall hits you?

Which on-trend jacket is your fall staple?

What scent is your favorite shampoo?

Which fall fruit would you love to go and pick?

What would you make if your neighbor gave you a bushel of apples from their tree?

What is your favorite pumpkin product?

Which warm drink are you sipping by the fire?

How often do you get a professional manicure?

Which costume are you doing for Halloween?

What is your favorite piercing?

Which returning show are you looking forward to watching this fall?

How do you keep warm while in your apartment?

What would you make for a fall potluck with your friends?

Which classic book are you going to curl up with during a storm?

How do you usually wear your hair?

What is your favorite hair accessory for work?

Where are you most likely to meet up your friends?

Where are you going to post a picture of your gorgeous fall nails?

How often do you paint your own nails?

Which candle are you going to light to get in the mood of fall?

Which warm locale will you be dreaming about during the cold, rainy days?

What are your plans for Halloween?

Which piece of hand jewelry is your most worn accessory?

Which party are you most likely to throw this fall?

Which fall brunch are you most likely to order?

Which lipstick do you love to rock on a night out?

Which face mask would you rather do?

Which hat do you wear for a brisk fall morning?

Who do you love going to the salon with?

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About This Quiz

Fall has many beautiful colors as the trees lose their leaves and harvest time comes, and it has inspired some intense polish shades this year! Find out which color you should wear on your nails this fall!

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