Quiz: What Hump?: The Young Frankenstein Quiz
What Hump?: The Young Frankenstein Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

It's alive! "Young Frankenstein" breathed new life into the classic monster movie, treating viewers to a horror-parody unlike anything Hollywood had ever attempted. It's black and white production broke all the rules, and the tongue-in-cheek humor helped freshen up a century-old story. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the next generation of the Frankenstein family.

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Who plays Dr. Frankenstein in the film?
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What sound accompanies any mention of Frau Blucher?
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Frankenstein is proud of his Transylvanian heritage.
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What is the name of Frankenstein's hunchbacked helper?
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What is the name of Dr. Frankenstein's lab assistant?
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What object opens the door to Frankenstein's secret lab?
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The original Dr. Frankenstein left an instruction manual for re-animating the dead.
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What body part does Frankenstein seek from Hans Delbruck?
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"Young Frankenstein" used props from the original "Frankenstein."
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Who is Frankenstein engaged to when he first travels to Transylvania?
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Whose brain ultimately ends up in the Creature?
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What spooks the Creature right after he is brought to life?
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Who sets the Creature free from the lab?
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The Creature drowns a young girl in a lake.
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Who plays the clumsy blind hermit in the film?
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What song do the Creature and the doctor dance to?
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Who does the Creature kidnap after he escapes?
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Who leads the mob of villagers who hope to capture the Creature?
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How does Frederick lure the monster back to the castle?
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Who does Frankenstein marry at the end of the film?
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The film was made in black and white to save money.
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What role did Mel Brooks play in "Young Frankenstein?"
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What year was the film released?
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What delicious drink does Frau Blucher offer the doctor?
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Blucher is German for glue.
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Igor inspired an Aerosmith song.
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What is a schwanzstucker?
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What word does the doctor use to describe the Creature's brain?
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Igor used to work for Victor Frankenstein.
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What was the budget for the film?
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