Which Iconic '80s Song Was Written About You?

Mark Lichtenstein

How does being in love affect you?

What means the most to you in a relationship?

How long should love last?

How long has your best love lasted?

How does your love compare to the love felt by others?

How experienced are you in love?

How "experienced" are you in love?

How affectionate are you?

Have you been a good lover to past flames?

How generous are you?

How honest are you?

Are you obsessive?

Do you have kids?

Do you want kids?

How responsible are you?

How young are you?

How sentimental are you?

How wild are you?

Do you see everyone in extras in "the movie of me"?

Are you on time?

Are you a good friend?

Do you believe in such a thing as a "friend zone"?

Is lying forgivable?

Do you use protection?

Do you act impulsively?

Do you act irrationally?

Have you ever been called a psycho?

Has an ex ever gotten mad at you and broken up with you?

Have you ever been cheated on?

Has your heart been broken?

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About This Quiz

WE LOVE THE '80S! While each decade has its own style and culture that makes it loved by its fans, there's no dispute that the '80s was one of the most iconic decades EVER. Moviegoers were fawning over Top Gun and The Breakfast Club. Fashionistas were hitting the streets with neon colors and Members Only jackets. While film and fashion were great, nothing set the scene as good as a great beat. From Rock and Roll to pop hits, which iconic '80s song was written about you?

As decades go on, it's easy to see distinct changes that happened in music. While the 1960s heavily focused on Motown, the '70s made way for disco. As the 1980s emerged, music lovers tuned into the rise of rock bands and the king of pop. This era of music was heavily dominated by groups like Bon Jovi, The Police, and Aerosmith. And artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna were making pop music even more mainstream. With a slew of songs from these artists, which of their songs would've been written about you?

Are you a newcomer to love? Madonna's "Like a Virgin" might best describe you! Have you loved and lost? If you're a bit obsessive over your heartbreak, you might be like the classic "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. Rather, are you like Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean?" There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz and we'll tell you which '80s tune would've been your theme song!

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