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Hey, batter, batter. Hey, batter, batter. SWING! Are you ready to step up to the plate? Baseball is often considered America's pastime, but when it comes to the sport, how well do you know it? From New York to Los Angeles, could you name the home city of each baseball team?

Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839. In February of 1876, the National League was formed and the American League followed in 1901. Sixty-four years after the sport was created, the National League and American League would join together to form the MLB (Major League Baseball). Since its start, the MLB has grown to include 30 teams, 15 in each league. While 29 of the teams account for the United States, one team in the organization is Canadian. 

Although you might be able to name the location for your favorite team, the rest of them might not be so simple. The Athletics was an East Coast team before traveling to the West. New York City lost two of its teams in the 1950s to California. Thirteen short years ago, the Montreal Expos received a city change and a name change as they moved to the United States. From the Dodgers to the Nationals to the Braves, can you name the home city of each baseball team?

There's only one way to find out! Step up to the plate and take a swing at these questions. Let's find out if you're hitting a home run!

The Dodgers won a World Series in Brooklyn, NY, before moving to their current hometown in 1958.

The Dodgers joined the Giants in their exodus to the west. The very next season, the Dodgers won their first World Series championship for Los Angeles.


The Marlins and the Rockies both began as expansion teams named for their states in the early '90s, but the Marlins officially took this hometown name in 2012.

From 1993 to 2011, the Marlins played in the home stadium of football's Miami Dolphins. They finally got their own home, Marlins Park, in 2012.


After prolonged stints in Philadelphia and Kansas City, the A’s christened their inaugural 1968 season in their current hometown with a perfect game by ace Catfish Hunter.

Hunter's feat was the fiifth American League perfect game in history. In 1972, the A's won the first of three consecutive World Series championships.


In their first game in this major league city in 1900, the White Stockings defeated the University of Illinois, but their name was later shortened to the White Sox.

They were known as the White Sox by the time they defeated their cross-town rival in the 1906 World Series. Though the Cubs won their first World Series in over 100 years in 2016, the White Sox brought the Windy City the title in 2005.


The Phillies played their first game in 1883 at Recreation Park in this city, making them the oldest same-name team to play in the same city in American sports.

The Phillies lost 81 games their first season. They then became perennial division leaders for the next decade.


Which MLB city has been the only home of the Pirates since 1887?

Originally called the Alleghenys, Pittsburgh officially became the Pirates in 1891. The name change was largely to thumb their noses at the Philadelphia claims that the poaching of Philly's star Lou Bierbauer was "Piratical."


Originally called the Highlanders, this city’s team was renamed the Yankees after their move to the Polo Grounds in 1913.

The famous pinstripes appeared first on the Highlanders' uniform. A year later the team became the Yankees.


In 1958, the Giants moved to the City by the Bay after playing for more than 70 years in the Big Apple.

The Giants opened their new home in Seals Stadium with an 8-0 shutout of the Dodgers. The Dodgers also left New York City for Los Angeles that same year.


The Cubs won the 2016 World Series, bringing half of this city's fans their first championship in over 100 years.

The Cubs World Series victory ended the longest championship drought in MLB history. Fans of the cross-town rival White Sox celebrated their World Series championship in 2005.


The Padres continue to “stay classy,” spending all of their seasons in this city.

The Padres lost 110 games in 1969, their first season. They finished last in their division for their first six seasons.


In 1997, the Walt Disney Company bought this major league team, calling them the Anaheim Angels. In 2007 the Angels changed their name to incorporate this large city.

Hollywood star Gene Autry was the original owner of the halos. The team was known as the California Angels prior to 1997.


The Red Sox have made Fenway Park in this city their home since 1912.

The Sox won the very first World Series in 1903. They won four more titles before trading Babe Ruth in 1918, ushering in the "Curse of the Bambino."


After being an MLB city for one season, this city lost the Pilots to Milwaukee, then rejoined the major leagues in 1977 with the formation of the Mariners.

The Mariners played their inaugural game before a sold-out Kingdome crowd. The Kingdome hosted the MLB All-Star game just two seasons later.


This city joined the major leagues in 1962 with the Colt .45s, but the team changed its name to the Astros in 1965.

The team name was changed to correspond with the new home in the Astrodome. The move into the Astrodome introduced indoor baseball to the MLB.


The Montreal Expos relocated to this U.S. city, becoming the Nationals, beginning with the 2005 season.

The Expos spent their first 36 seasons in Montreal. With their move to D.C., Toronto now has the only major league team in Canada.


In 1998, the Diamondbacks made this one of the two most recent MLB cities.

In 2001, their fourth season, the Diamondbacks won the World Series. They remain the fastest expansion club to ever become champions.


After losing the Dodgers and the Giants in the 1950s, this city returned to the National League with the Mets’ first season in 1962.

Among the team names that were considered were the Jets and the Islanders. These became the names of New York football and hockey teams.


The Seattle Pilots came in last place in the American League West in their only season in Seattle, before becoming the Brewers in this city.

The ownership team was headed by future Commissioner Bud Selig. They named the team as a tribute to the city's long-standing brewing industry.


Considered the “oldest continuously operating” sports team in America, the Braves played in Boston and Milwaukee before making this city their home in 1966.

The team was first called the Braves in 1912 in Boston. They carried the name with them to Milwaukee and Atlanta.


In 1992, the Orioles made a new nesting place in Oriole Park at Camden Yards in the downtown area of this major league city.

The Orioles began their history in 1954 with the move of the St. Louis Browns to Baltimore. The original Orioles team was formed in 1901, but left for New York to eventually become the Yankees.


In 1998, the Devil Rays made this a first-time major league city.

The Tampa Bay squad changed their name to just the Rays starting with the 2008 season. The change corresponded with a new color scheme for the team uniforms.


The Tigers overcame a nine-run deficit in the ninth inning to win the franchise’s first American League game before this standing-room only hometown crowd.

The Tigers were one of eight charter members of the American League. Detroit's team played in the National League in the 19th century.


The Colorado Rockies won their first home game before a record-setting crowd of over 80,000 fans in this Mile High City.

The Rockies celebrated the one millionth fan to visit Mile High Stadium on Mother's Day of 1993, just the 17th home game in franchise history. They reached the two million mark on Father's Day.


The original Red Stockings became the MLB’s first team of professional ballplayers, but it is the third incarnation of the team in this major league city that now calls themselves the Reds.

The first Cincinnati team was dissolved in 1870. The second team, a charter member of the National League, was expelled in 1880 for rules violations.


The Washington Senators fled the capital in 1960 for this Twin City and promptly changed their name to the Twins.

They were named the Twins to represent the twin-cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They found quick success, reaching the World Series in 1965.


In 1972, Washington, D.C., lost the second incarnation of the Senators when they changed their name to the Rangers with their move to this major league city.

The Rangers' inaugural game was delayed by a week, due to a players' strike. The '72 season was Ted Williams' last as team manager.


In 1977, the expansion Blue Jays began representing this “Queen City.”

The Blue Jays won a snowy inaugural game in Toronto versus the Chicago White Sox. They joined the Seattle Mariners as American League expansion teams.


Previously named the Browns and the Perfectos, this major league city’s team became the Cardinals in 1900.

The Browns was a shortened version of the earlier Brown Stockings name. The team changed their name after changing their uniform colors from brown to cardinal red.


The Athletics left for Oakland in 1967, but just one season later the Royals joined the major leagues, representing this city.

The Royals won just 69 games in their first season. The team name was inspired by Kansas City's annual American Royal livestock show, not royalty.


Previously named the Blues, Broncos and Naps, the Indians have spent every season since 1901 in this major league city.

Cleveland played in the American League's inaugural game in 1901. Later that same year, Earl Moore of the Cleveland Blues threw the first no-hitter for the AL.


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