Quiz: What Is This Car Most Famous For?
What Is This Car Most Famous For?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Rewe via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

In the beginning, it was simple.

A car was a carriage, similar to a horse-drawn one, but without the horses. Well, it did have horses, but these were found in the engine!

Soon, cars began to change. As different companies started building their own models, designs changed. For instance, cabins got bigger, and cars could carry more people. A windscreen was added, protecting the driver from bugs and other nasties and then an enclosed cabin followed.

Designs continued to change - think convertibles, roadsters, tourers, and now in modern times, crossovers, SUVs, pickups, coupes... the list goes on and on.

Within all these different types of cars, some stand out. But what makes them famous? Well, a number of different things. For example, which was the first car to use a turbocharger? Or what is the heaviest production car ever made? What the heaviest SUV, convertible or pickup? And the lightest ever production car?

Which car was the first to be mass produced? Which car was the first to use a steering wheel? Which car used anti-lock brakes before any others?

Yes, there are many reasons why cars are famous. Let's see if you can work them out.

Good luck!

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