Quiz: What Is Your Daniel Boone TV Show IQ?
What Is Your Daniel Boone TV Show IQ?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

"Daniel Boone" took '60s TV viewers back to the earliest days of America, where brave settlers forged new paths westward. The series was fit for the whole family, despite tackling tough issues like conflicts with natives and slavery. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the man in the coonskin cap!

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Producers really wanted to make a show starring what frontier character, but settled for Daniel Boone when things didn't work out?
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Where was the show set?
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What was the name of Daniel Boone's Cherokee buddy?
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Which kidnapped president is Daniel Boone forced to save on the series?
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Who was Boone's wife?
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For how many seasons did the show run?
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How many kids did Daniel Boone have when the show premiered?
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Who was tasked with building the fort with Daniel Boone in season one?
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Which young pioneer fell for an Indian maiden in the season one finale?
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Which tribe frequently causes trouble for Boone?
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Which founding father does Boone have a run-in with in season one?
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What large object did Boone have to move safely across the state in a special two-part episode in season three?
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What role was played by country star Jimmy Dean on the show?
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Which troubled historical figure hired Daniel Boone as a guide in one memorable episode?
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What was Cincinnatus' role on the show?
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When was the show set?
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Which main character on the show had an evil twin?
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What kind of creature was Rosebud?
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What nearly kills Israel in season four, as Daniel is trying to teach his son to live off the land?
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Who replaced Mingo as Boone's Native American friend after Mingo left the show?
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What did Prater Beaseley do for a living?
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Which city does Daniel typically head for when he has to conduct business?
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Which crime does Daniel Boone convince Ben Franklin to commit in season six?
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What role on "Daniel Boone" was played by former football star Rosey Grier?
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Which president wouldn't have been born, if not for Daniel Boone's matchmaking skills?
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Which character on the show was played by Jim McMullan?
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What event marks the series finale?
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Which weapon is most closely associated with Ed Ames, who played Mingo?
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According to the show's theme song, Boone is which of these?
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