Quiz: What Is Your Dominant Beauty Trait?
What Is Your Dominant Beauty Trait?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder! That's why we're going to ask you about yourself during this quiz. In order to know what makes you most beautiful, we need to know your thoughts, your routines, and the things that you find most beautiful in others. Once we see deep inside your soul, your most dominant beauty trait will pop like smoky eyes. 

It's also true that beauty comes from within. You might have the most luscious lips or the most alluring cheekbones on the block, but if your inner beauty doesn't shine through it's like getting half of a meal at a fancy restaurant. We're going to look beneath the layers of your outer beauty to determine which one of your natural qualities gets you the most attention. By seeing inside you, we'll see what others see on the outside! 

You might hold your wisdom in your eyes or your thoughts with your lips, but is that the first thing others really notice about you? Your most dominant beauty trait is a multi-faceted creature, but we are confident we will see you through your own eyes and through the eyes of others. 

Answer with the response you feel best represents your lifestyle and your attitude, and we'll tell you which of your features make you shine like a star! 

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