What Is Your French Name?

By: Emily Maggrett

Let's start with an extremely French question: Are you a heartbreaker?

What's your favorite French thriller?

In a perfect world where you had unlimited funds, where would you live in France?

What time do you like to eat dinner?

If your best friend asked you to start a bakery with them, would you say yes?

Imagine you can party with any French royal, living or dead. Who would you pre-funk with?

What's your typical coffee order?

You've been casually dating all four of these French babes. Which one could you see yourself dating long-term?

If you had a massive wine budget, which French wines would you stock up on?

You inherit a farm that's been in your family for three generations. Before it can turn a profit, the farm needs extensive and expensive improvements. Do you take out a loan or sell?

You're cooking for a date and really want to impress them. Which of these French dishes will you make?

What's your go-to flirtation move?

On a scale of one to Prince, how passionate are you?

Which of these French names do you absolutely hate?

Have you ever dated someone significantly older than you?

Imagine that hundreds of French celebrities are dying to be best friends with you. Which one of them would you choose as your BFF?

What's your biggest, most philosophical fear?

Of all these famous French novels, which one comes closest to telling the story of your life?

In your opinion, who is the greatest French fashion designer of all time?

All of these French hunks just messaged you on your dating app. Which one will you actually go on a date with?

Would you rather eat french fries, pet a French bulldog or French kiss someone?

Nothing's more French than wearing cologne. Which one of these will you splash on?

How often do your exes slide into your DMs?

English is full of words that have a French origin. Which of these French-based vocabulary words tickles your fancy?

Are you a romantic?

Who's your favorite French chanteuse?

If the "Queer Eye" crew showed up at your house, which aspects of your decor would impress them?

Be honest: what's your most scandalous secret?

How often do you wear stripey French shirts?

What's the craziest thing you'd do for love?

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Image: Pexels / Pixabay

About This Quiz

You don't have to know all the lyrics to "La Marseillaise" in order to be able to appreciate French culture. From their food to their architecture to their fashion to their art, the French have had an undeniably important impact on the Western world. Would you want to live in a reality without French pastry, fine wine, jaunty scarves or democracy? We didn't think so!

Because French cool is so aspirational, we bet that you've wondered what you would be like if you were a French person yourself. Would you be a celebrated avant-garde film director, famous for dressing solely in black? Or perhaps you'd be an elegant older actress, regularly winning Oscars for your thoughtful work in a series of intellectual thrillers? Or maybe you'd be a cheese maker, crafting artisanal delicacies on your farm in the heart of Provence?

Whatever your particular French fantasy is, you'll get a chance to indulge it when you take this quiz. We're going to ask you about your favorite French designers, how often you wear stripes and whether you're actually a romantic. In return for your honest answers, our supercomputer will calculate which French name fits you best. Are you ready to find out your new identity? Play this quiz!

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