Quiz: What Is Your Ideal Medium-Length Haircut?
What Is Your Ideal Medium-Length Haircut?
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered which type of medium-length haircut would be right for you? In this quiz, we're giving you 30 questions to answer about your personality and hair habits that will help us determine the answer to this question! Do you think you should have a layered look, a blunt lob, a tapered cut or a V-cut? Take this quiz to find out!

Let's take a brief look at these four types of haircuts. A layered cut is when the hairdresser cuts your hair into various lengths of layers, which adds texture and volume. A tapered cut involves cutting the hair so that it's shorter toward the back/sides of the hair, rather than the top. A V-cut involves cutting the hair so that the back of it looks like a "V-shape." And finally, a blunt lob is when the hairdresser cuts your hair to the same length, which falls just above the shoulders. Now that you know which types of haircuts you may get matched with, it's time to take this beauty and personality quiz! Remember to be as honest as possible, as this will help us to determine exactly which type of haircut would be the best for you!

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On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how confident of a person are you?

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What is the shape of your face like?

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Do you like to wear any hair accessories?

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Do you prefer highlights, lowlights or a single color?

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What color is your hair?

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What is your hair type?

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Which of these hair problems do you face every day?

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Your hair is most like which of these Disney princesses?

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What kind of products do you use in your hair?

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Which of these hair styling tools do you use frequently?

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How much time do you need to do your hair?

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You wish your hair was more ...?

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If you could dye your hair a vibrant color, which one would you pick?

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