What Is Your Inner Dog Breed?

Zoe Samuel

How goofy are you?

How book-smart are you?

Do you have a lot of friends?

How high maintenance are you?

Do you leave a lot of mess?

Could you live in a hot climate?

Do you prefer the city or countryside?

Do you love to play board games and parlor games?

How many books do you read per year, roughly?

Do you smile a lot?

Do you ever use your amazing cuteness to get your way?

Have you ever been in a fight?

Are you mighty for your size?

Do you love to exercise?

How often are you underestimated?

Do you think you have the reputation you deserve?

How big are your feet?

What are you scared of?

What is the smallest bed in which you are comfortable?

What is the best snuggling position?

Do you love to swim?

What cool and unusual physical feature do you have?

When someone threatens your loved one, what is your first reaction?

What is the most fun game in the world?

How many hours a day do you like to sleep?

What always makes you laugh?

Do you love the great outdoors?

Are you a picky eater?

When are you at your best during the day?

How flexible are you?

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Image: @Hans Surfer/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Dogs are humanity's best friends for a reason. If you adopt a dog, it will love you absolutely and completely for its whole life. It will listen to all of your problems and never judge or shame you. It will think of you as perfect and beautiful and always support your endeavors. When you are sad, your dog will comfort you, and when you are happy, your dog will celebrate with you. Your dog will be your rock and your playmate. The only thing it will ever really do wrong - besides eating your furniture when it's a puppy - is not live as long as you might wish.

However, while all dogs are thus good dogs, they are also all individuals. They love us in their own special ways, according to their breed, their personality and their previous life experiences. Some are more exuberant and just want to run around with us while others are more intelligent and prefer to play specific games, while still others are all about the snuggles. That means that whatever you're like personally, there's a dog breed that matches your temperament, your preferences and your habits. Take this quiz to find out just what it is!

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