Quiz: What Is Your Jungle Spirit Animal?
What Is Your Jungle Spirit Animal?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Collage; Monkey, Jaguar, Owl

About This Quiz

Spirit animals, sometimes called power animals are a form of spirits that are said to guide a person through life, not only to serve as advisers when one has to make difficult decisions but to also help in dealing with inner struggles as well as keeping that person out of harm's way. These animals are thought to share many personality traits and skills with the person it is associated with, and many people from different cultures see them as an extension of one's own self. 

Each animal represents different traits that exist within people. For instance, the butterfly represents transformation and the ability to evolve, while the wolf represents freedom, intelligence, and strong instincts. And then there are animals like the bear or lion that represent strength, confidence, and leadership. 

Which of these jungle animals will be guiding you along the path that is life? Will it be a creature of the night, an extremely wise arboreal bird, a playful yet intelligent primate or will it be a feared predator? You can easily find out by taking this quiz! When you are done, ask your friends to take it to see what animal they will end up with.

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