What Is Your Past Life Karma Lesson?

Zoe Samuel

How did your last life end?

Have any of your past selves suffered from phobias?

Did your past selves ever do time?

Did your past selves work hard?

Were they ever forced to leave their homeland?

Were your past selves richer than you are now?

Were any of them more educated than you are?

Did your past selves live in the same country you do?

Were your past selves ever conned?

If you met your past selves, would you like them?

If your past selves knew you were going to be their future self, would they be happy about it?

If your past selves knew which country you were born in, what would that mean to them?

Would they condone your career choice?

Do you think your past selves did something for which you are being punished?

Might they have done anything for which you are being rewarded?

Did your past selves ever miss a huge opportunity?

Did your past selves wrong anyone who is currently in your life and doesn't like you?

Do you know anyone who was mean to any of your past selves?

What percentage of your past selves lived long enough to have kids?

Did any of your past selves become famous?

Did any of your past selves know they were coming back, and if so, did they prepare accordingly?

Did any of your past selves believe in heaven, only to be horribly disillusioned?

Did your past selves tend to go against the culture they lived in?

Did your past selves feel a lot of fear?

Were your past selves ever stuck paying penance for something an even further past self did?

Did your past selves get a fair shake, generally speaking?

If your past selves were caught up in major historical events, what role did they generally play?

If your past selves encountered modern ideas for their time, did they tend to embrace or reject them?

Was any of your past selves ever accused of something they didn't do?

If your past selves had known that you were going to be here one day, would they have done a lot of things differently?

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About This Quiz

Some lessons have to be learned the hard way! Have you ever experienced deja vu so strongly that you've felt like you were in another time for a moment? That feeling comes from things you experienced in one of your past lives. As they say, what goes around comes around, and the things you did in your past life are currently teaching you a Karma lesson. But which one?

Since the dawn of time, spirits and souls have time traveled in different forms. Whether a soul took on an animal, plant, or vegetable form depends on the life you previously lived. By that logic, whatever you did in your past life is making your present a little more enlightened. 

As we go through the quiz, we hope to awaken some spirituality within you. We want to dig down inside your emotional and intellectual natures to find out exactly what lesson you are meant to be learning. 

This quiz will, in no way, make you feel bad about your prior lives. You had no control over the person or thing that you used to be. We are going to try to gently garner facts and figures about the way your mind works to see into your past. Then, and only then, we can tell you what past life karma lesson you must learn.

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