What Is Your Soap Opera Name?

Zoe Samuel

How rich are you?

How evil are you?

Do people understand you?

Do you know true love?

Is God on your side?

How many professions have you had?

Did you inherit most of what you have?

Are you clearly headed for a fall?

Do you love to corrupt all things?

How pure are you?

How funny are you?

Who would be your fans?

What's your signature style?

Who is your natural enemy?

Which fans hate you?

Who would the fans "ship" you with?

How many marriages have you had so far?

Ever fake your own death?

What might the actor portraying you secretly be into?

What is your faith?

Where do you live?

What would be an out-of-character thing for you to do?

Do you believe in fate?

What do you fear?

When will you reveal your secret plan?

Why do you need a secret plan in the first place?

Who is your ally?

How aristocratic are you?

Could you be described as a silver fox?

Are you the breakout star?

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About This Quiz

Erica Kane. Palmer Cortlandt. Tracy Quartermaine. These are names that tell you exactly what sort of person owns that name. It also tells you they are in a soap opera. What is your soap opera name?

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