What Killer Beast Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

Gavin Thagard

Do you analyze the different ways an event could happen?

Do you willingly dive into your emotions?

Are you a creature of habit?

Do you find it easy to talk to others in social situations?

Are you more worried about the present than the future?

Are you constantly searching for new opportunities?

Do your emotions usually guide your actions?

Do you feel more comfortable sticking to the norm?

Do you prefer to spend your free time alone?

Do you tend to improvise instead of planning something out?

Do you tend to be rational instead of jumping to conclusions?

Are you someone who spends more time focusing on the present than looking to the future?

Do you have a strong drive for adventure?

Would you rather trust what you know instead of coming up with a new approach?

Are you usually the center of attention?

Is it easy for you to understand a new way of doing something?

Do you usually follow your desires?

Are you comfortable in a crowded place?

Are you always organized?

Do you love surprises, whether they are good or bad?

Do you tend to analyze everything?

Do you prefer hands-on experience over books?

Do you find it difficult to study in a room with people?

Are deadlines extremely important to you?

Would you rather experiment than follow a traditional method?

Are you more reserved when talking to someone?

Do you find it easy to identify with other people?

Do you prefer justice instead of mercy?

Do you rely on your gut for advice?

Do you tend to rush through jobs?

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About This Quiz

We live in a world filled with killer beasts, each with their own unique traits and personality, but what can these beast tell us about ourselves? Do you believe they can give you some further insight into who you are? If you think they can, then which killer beast might match your personality? Here's a Myers-Briggs personality test where we will tell you just that! 

As a species filled with compassion and hope, we don't always consider the notion that there is a wild beast living inside of us, waiting to leap out and take control. In reality, we all share traits similar to some killer in the animal kingdom. 

From the ferocious tiger and its solitary nature to the wolf with its pack mentality, you will find some killer beast who matches your personality tooth and nail. Of course, you might not actually have their fur coat and fangs, but you definitely have some of their internal traits. 

Make sure you finish all 30 questions in this quiz to find out which beast you match. Be ready, too, because the answer might just surprise you. 

When you're ready, get started and find out which killer beast you are! 

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