What Kind of a Leader Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Do you like to micro-manage?

Who is a military role model of yours?

Which political leader inspires you?

What industry's culture do you think sounds awesome?

Do you mind confrontation?

Winston Churchill famously said, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for anything else." Was he right?

How important is diversity of thought to a successful organization?

Do you aim to create a cult of personality?

Do you mentor talent that does not look like you?

How approachable are you?

Should a leader be friends with their underlings?

How much should a leader know about their underlings' lives?

If an employee is caught stealing from the fridge, what should happen?

If an employee bullies another employee, do you get involved?

Do you allow employees time to brainstorm new things, rather than always being on a specific project?

What's something you look for when you hire?

How many interviews is it okay to put a new hire through?

How do you feel about nepotism?

If a board member pressured you to put out a less-than-ideal product to make a deadline, would you go along?

Do you prefer to be loved or respected?

Are you the face of your company?

Do you like it when people joke around at your work?

Have you ever made a subordinate cry?

Do your employees know much about your personal life?

What do you wear in the office?

There are two people in the room: one in a suit, and one in jeans. Who is probably the boss?

How much more than the lowest-paid employee should the highest-paid employee paid?

Do you think longer hours generally show people are more dedicated?

What perk do you offer all employees (or would you if you could)?

What one thing would make American businesses more competitive globally?

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About This Quiz

Ugh! Do you know what the biggest reason most people hate going to work is? Aside from the eight or more hours you aren't able to binge watch Netflix from your bed, the reason you hate work is because of your boss. But what can you do about it, right? Well, there is something to do about it. While many people will complain about their boos, others will make an effort to become the boss. Do you have what it takes? What kind of leader do you think you'd be? 

There is no fast rule to being a good leader, and while some will say it is a task best suited to those who are natural leaders, there is something to be said about people who work hard to get the most out of their employees while still being a comfortable mentor. So which are you? Will you be the all-mighty autocrat? Sure, you'd be successful, challenging and many employees will even respect your ability to keep business as a business and not fraternize with the employees. Or do you prefer to collaborate and build diplomatic relationships? In the business world, they'd say you have the gift of buy-in. 

So, whether you want to be a mentor who inspires employees or take the hands-off approach to leadership by trusting people to lead their self, there is no right or wrong. Which leader are you? This quiz will delve into your passions, how you inspire others and the leaders you already look up to - and sometimes don't. 

It's time to roll up those cuffs, answer these questions and in the end, you will know what kind of leader you are!

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