What Kind of Ancient Warrior Were You?

Kennita Leon

Whose legacy impresses you the most?

What kind of warrior would you have been?

What kind of weapon would you go into battle with?

What do you do with your weapon?

How would the enemy recognize you on the battlefield?

What would be your weakness on the battlefield?

And what would you be best at?

How would you describe your plans for an upcoming battle?

What would your fighting style be?

Which animal would guide you into battle?

Who do you want by your side when going into battle?

If you were bestowed the gift of controlling an element, which one would the gods give you?

What super power would you pray to the gods for?

Would you lead your people to prosperity or focus on battles and expansion?

As a warrior, what would have annoyed you the most?

How would you celebrate after a hard-earned win?

And how would you deal with defeat?

Which food would you look forward to eating after the battle?

What kind of art would you want people to leave in your honor?

In the history books, what would you be called?

Why would you fight?

What warrior’s vice would you be addicted to?

Which queen would you happily risk your life for?

Which warrior would you team up with to win a battle?

If you were likened to any superhero, which would it be?

Which country would you love to live in?

And what’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to doing in that country?

What sport would you be best at?

In which location would you build your dream home?

You’re the kind of person who gets upset when you are …

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About This Quiz

While wars and battles today are fought through technology and superior weaponry, back in the day it wasn't like that at all. Wars used to be won by the side that had the most excellent warriors, men, and sometimes women, who were the most powerful, agile, and brutal fighters in the land.  

While many ancient cultures celebrated their gains in culture, civilization, and art, many others prided themselves on having the fiercest warriors around. Some of these warriors would fight without any arms whatsoever, while others used some of the finest weapons known to man, some were a part of vast armies Spartans would be a good example of this, while other ancient warriors, such as Samurais or Ninjas fought all by themselves.

Your World of Warcraft battling skills show us that you would have been a pretty good warrior back in ancient times. You have just been held back because you have to finish that last season of "Breaking Bad," and you don't have enough vacation time at your job to really train the way that you want to. So until you get the time to bring out your ancient warrior IRL, you are going to have to satisfy yourself with this quiz.

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