What kind of cabin should you stay in?

By: Tori Highley

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Which forest creature would you like as a pet?

Which drink helps you relax in the evening?

How do you feel about chopping wood for a fire?

What do you feel wastes most of your time during the day?

What is your budget for a vacation rental?

What is your favorite vacation dessert?

Which view do you find most peaceful?

What kind of tree do you hope to see in front of the cabin?

Which of these items is a vacation essential for you?

What would you pack for lunch for a full day of adventure?

What would you do with your phone on this trip?

Which of these steamy places is most romantic?

How would you feel if there were a big thunderstorm during your vacation?

How would you make staying in for dinner fun?

Which is your comfort food?

How do you feel about eating alone?

How many people are going on the trip?

Which adventure activity is most appealing?

Which in-town activity is most appealing?

Which shoes do you want to wear during your trip?

How do you protect yourself from the sun?

What are you escaping from with this trip?

Which pastry do you pack for a delicious and easy breakfast?

Which car do you rent for the trip?

Which spa treatment is most appealing for your vacation?

How would you like to explore the area around your cabin?

What are you looking forward to on this trip?

Which movie would you bring on DVD to watch?

Which snack do you buy on your way?

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About This Quiz

Cabins are a great place to relax and escape from the hindrances of modern life. Take this quiz to figure out which cabin will be most relaxing for you.

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