What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Teresa McGlothlin

What do you call the area where you sit outside your home?

Sound it out! How do you pronounce Kentucky's biggest city?

If you wanted to address a group of friends all at once, what would you say?

Rubbish, garbage or trash? What do you take out to the curb once or twice a week?

You're dying of thirst. Where do you get water to quench it?

​Do you carry your groceries home in a poke, a sack or a bag?

You can call a dog a dog, but pet nicknames are cuter. Which one do you use more?

Which of these is your new favorite southeastern American phrase?

What name do you give to the miniature lobsters they love in Louisiana?

You're heading to the gym. Do you take your sneakers, tennis shoes or running shoes?

When you make pasta, what do you call the red sauce that goes on top?

You are extra hungry, so you call in an order. Do you ask for a sub, grinder, hoagie or torpedo?

Interstate, highway or freeway? Which road do you take on a trip?

Are they the police? Are they the law? What do you call people with the badges and sirens?

You have reached the end of a loaf of bread. What do you call it?

This television show is horrible! What are you going to use​ to change it?

Pancakes make mornings better. Do you call them pancakes?

There's a new game update coming out and you need cash. What kind of sale would you hold to earn extra cash?

What do you call the long, comfortable piece of furniture in the living room?

You're trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a piece of candy on a stick. What do you call that candy?

If you saw a lady carrying a fashionable bag, what would you call it?

When you're cruising the aisles of the grocery store, what are you pushing?

What sort of drink is made by combining milk, ice cream and ice?

It sits between two lanes of highway traffic. What do you call it?

Fire up the mower! Are you mowing the lawn or the yard?

Where would you warm up some soup for dinner?

Look between the sidewalk and the road. What is that patch of grass called?

You can drive around and around and around on them. What do you call them?

You need something to wash down a burger. What do you order?

What do you call the crunchy cabbage sometimes found as a side dish?

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About This Quiz

If you call it a Coke no matter what's in the glass, you speak one version of southern American English. But do you know which one? Throughout this quiz, we are going to present you with word choices that will tell us which type of American English you speak. Hopefully, you'll get a few giggles, too. You won't believe some of the words other parts of the country use for things! 

In New England, they call a water fountain a bubbler. In North Dakota, a casserole is called a hot dish. Even the words you use every day can give away the area that influenced your language development the most. Whether from nature or nurture, your way of speaking can be traced back to specific parts of the country. After we analyze it, we'll tell you which type of English it makes you speak. 

Read our questions carefully, and make your choices from the words beneath them. One dishonest answer could throw off your results, so do your best to choose the words you use. There's no need to fret about being a vocabulary genius. Your light-hearted picks will point us in the right direction. The next time someone asks where your accent is from, you'll be able to tell them! 

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