Quiz: Can We Guess What Kind of Artist You're Most Attracted To?
Can We Guess What Kind of Artist You're Most Attracted To?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: baranozdemir/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

We all have a type, and for some of us, that type is the artistic type. There's nothing more attractive than an artist hard at work bearing their souls to the world through their chosen medium. After you tell us about your love for art, your hopes for your relationship, and your amazing personality, we'll know exactly which kind of artist you find most attractive.

If painters remind you too much of Van Gogh and Van Gogh makes you a little scared because he cut off his ear, don't worry. There are all sorts of artists for you out there even if you can't handle a painter's mind. From sculptors to photographers, art is full of different ways to become comfortable expressing yourself.

Throughout this quiz, every answer you give will tell us something about the type of artist you can't resist. Your own way with words and with color will help determine the kind of creative soul that you find simply alluring. Try to be as truthful as you can, and it will make our jobs a lot easier.

Are you more attracted to artists covered in ink or artists covered in paint? After this quiz, we'll be able to get it right!

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