What Kind of Creative Challenge Are You Looking For?

By: Zoe Samuel

What was your best class in elementary school?

Which of the below scares you just a little?

Would someone who entered your house know in what area you are most creative?

Do you need to be around other people to get inspired?

What time of day is your muse most active?

When you are in a boring meeting, what are you secretly doing?

How comfortable are you with failure?

What sort of money can you put into your creativity?

Would your lifestyle support you traveling more?

How do you like to encounter a new idea?

What kind of book do you read most often?

Whose career do you really admire?

Do you ever dream about making your entire living from your current hobby?

When it's games night, which game do you look forward to most?

Do you love meeting new people often?

What aspect of your childhood self do you miss most?

What space do you have in which to be creative?

Where do you have your best ideas?

What area do you work in?

In a group setting, how much do you tend to speak up?

How often during an average day do you think, "I could do that better"?

Ten thousand hours is what it takes to be considered an expert in a subject, but 1,000 puts you squarely in the top few percents. Do you have the discipline to get there?

What percentage of the people in your life come from wildly different backgrounds to yours?

Do you regularly spend time with kids?

If you play that game where you have a minute to write down new uses for say, a toothpick, how do you usually do?

What board game do you love the most?

Do you feel comfortable asking for the whole cake, not the crumbs - figuratively speaking?

Do you consider creativity a group or a solo activity?

The people and the pets have already made it out safe. What would you grab in a fire?

Do you agree with Mary Poppins that, "In every job that must be done / There is an element of fun"?

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About This Quiz

Modern life can be full of all sorts of boring nonsense. There's more paperwork than anyone could possibly justify. There's commuting. There's filling in forms. A lot of us find that many parts of our jobs can be creatively lacking, to say the least, as we stack shelves and order supplies and deal with customers who don't know why they're unhappy but want us to magically fix it anyway.

However, we all need creativity in our lives; otherwise, we get very bored and frustrated, and we start to get less creative, as the "muscle" of our mind atrophies. That's why we either need to find it in our work or outside of it. We can find this in ourselves, or we can find it in others. Indeed, both taking OR teaching a class is equally likely to stretch you creatively, reward you with warm fuzzies, and educate you. It's a matter of finding the right outlet.

If your job is a non-negotiable situation, then maybe you need to get into painting, DIY and other creative ideas that provide what you need at home. If you have a little in the way of resources and some itchy feet, perhaps a language will help you travel, and you'll find your creativity in seeing the wider world and connecting to new people. If your creativity is in the stories inside your head, then get writing! If you've got a few financial skills, then what you really need is to monetize that idea or hobby and start your own company. Take this quiz and find out what creative challenge awaits you!

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