What Kind of Enchantress Are You?

Marie Hullett

As an enchantress, there are definitely some people who feel envious of you. What do you think they love and loathe about you so much?

Where would you like to go to do your enchanting?

Now that you have magical powers, what's one of your top priorities?

Every enchantress could use a loyal companion. Which mythical creature would you like to employ as your trusty sidekick?

In order to be an enchantress, you're going to do need to do some enchanting. What will be your go-to move?

You naturally have an array of potions in your arsenal, but what's one of your favorites to use on others?

Now, which potion do you like to use on yourself?

Even though you have so many potions, you may also need to employ a weapon from time to time. What will you store in your baldric?

Speaking of weapons, what are your thoughts on using violence to achieve your goals?

What's one of your most enchanting physical characteristics?

While you're busy enchanting, you become fast friends with a certain Roman god. Who is it?

Princesses are definitely not the same thing as enchantresses. Still, which Disney princess are you most like?

What will you wear while you enchant and beguile?

This time period is OK, but which historical time and place should you have actually been born in?

OK, but if you truly were born there, what would be the most challenging part of living in a bygone era?

A lot of people have heard this one before: "You're too __________." What best fits in the blank when it comes to you?

You're off to a costume party this evening. What will you dress up as?

Pretend you're gazing up at the starry sky, and you can magically see every single constellation in it. Which of these is your favorite?

Which one of these synonyms (according to the Cambridge Dictionary) for enchantress do you prefer?

We're all labeled sometimes. What's one more name you wouldn't mind being called?

As a magical being, which one of these powers do you possess?

Even though it's over, people still can't stop talking about it. So, which one of these "Game of Thrones" characters do you relate to the most?

As an enchantress, you might have to send evil entities to other worlds from time-to-time. Where would you like to banish them to?

Let's talk about love. How are you in matters of the heart?

Everyone has an ego. How big is yours?

Every enchantress must use a variety of ingredients in their potions. What's one organic ingredient in yours?

Which incantation will you recite to bring your spell to life?

As an enchantress, you can speak to many beings others cannot. Whom will you speak to first?

Be honest. Which of these celebs would you most like to cast a love spell on?

Do you think you will ever settle down and live happily ever after?

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About This Quiz

The late 19th century opera "The Enchantress" by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky tells the tale of beautiful, rumored enchantress Nastasya. Sure enough, fathers, their sons and other villagers fall for Nastasya one by one, all without receiving any love in return. Viewed as perhaps most offensive of all, she rejects the local governor's right-hand man, who immediately begins to plot his revenge on her. I'll spare the end in case you ever see a rendition of this renowned work, but the message is still clear: people have been directing misguided rage toward enchantresses for centuries. What, like they can help it if they're magical and enchanting? 

As an enchantress, you're probably used to people falling at your feet and then suddenly, hating you for it. Nevertheless, you continue to cast spells and conjure magical beings. This occupation is exhausting work, but someone has to do it. 

While you're obviously an enchantress, determining precisely which type you are may help guide you in your otherworldly duties. Should you be concocting healing potions, or avenging wrongdoers? "Witchcraft" is the right craft for you? When you answer the following questions, you'll learn everything you need to know about your divine will. Of course, if you possess the gift of clairvoyance, you might already know which fate greets you at the end. 

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