What Kind of Relationship Are You Looking For?

Alex Wittman

Modern dating is, like, a whole thing. Which dating app is your go-to?

We know this might be tough, but which one word would you use to describe your love life?

If you're finna get serious with someone, what quality should they definitely be rocking?

Let's say the person you've been chilling with starts to get clingy AF. How do you react?

Even Ariana Grande is needy sometimes. How much attention do you require when you're in a relationship?

Imagine you're talking to someone when they suddenly ghost you. How do you handle it?

How important is it that someone you're interested in is as woke as you?

Romance is cool and stuff, but what else do you want in a relationship?

It's Friday night, and ATM, you don't have any plans. What's your move?

Someone you know through mutual friends slides into your DMs and asks to hang. They let you choose the place, so where do you two meet?

Awww, which of these romantic gestures would positively melt your heart?

When you meet a cutie, what's the first thing you notice about them?

Tell us where you stand. Do you believe in love at first sight?

You're getting ready for a date. Which bop are you most likely bumping?

If you could hire one of these celebrities as your love-life coach, who would it be?

Consider your inner circle. Who do you trust the most to set you up with someone?

In general, how long do you wait to kiss someone you're feeling?

Looking back at your past relationships, how did they usually end?

Don't get salty, but has anyone ever cheated on you?

Do you believe that old AF adage "opposites attract"?

If you're out on a date, which of the following is the biggest deal-breaker?

Fighting is a part of most relationships. Which of the following really gets you tilted?

Bruh, would you ever date one of your BFF's exes?

When you're into someone, do you ask about their past relationships?

Would you ever seriously consider applying for "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette"?

Be real with us. Have you ever gotten back together with an ex?

No shade intended, but what's your biggest weakness relationship-wise?

When you're with your BFFs, how often do you chat about dating and relationships?

When an engagement announcement pops up in your social-media feed, how do you feel?

In your own mind, my dude, are you looking for a relationship?

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About This Quiz

You have come to a safe space, brah. No one here is going to call you "boy crazy" or "girl obsessed" just because you're looking for a relationship. This may totally blow your mind, but there was a time (and not all that long ago) when you didn't get called out as "thirsty" just for wanting to be around another human being. Yuh, companionship or whatever is actually normal!

But dating these days can be stressful AF. We don't blame you if you're tired of the games and the ghosting. Hermit life is kind of a big mood. Before you resign yourself to a solitary existence, though, you should take our quiz to find out what kind of relationship you're looking for exactly. 

With a better idea of what relationship fits your needs ATM, dating will (hopefully) become a whole lot simpler. If you're about to dip on love altogether, then this quiz is most definitely for you. Give your swiping thumb a break and discover what it is you're really after. You might think you know what you want, but your results could leave you shook. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dating isn't getting any easier by itself. Take our quiz to reveal what kind of relationship you're looking for!

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