What Kind of Rubber Duckie Are You?

Ian Fortey

Rubber ducks are meant to be in the water. What water draws you in?

How do you like to unwind on a Friday evening?

Do you usually decide what you and your friends are going to do or not?

What's the best chicken dish you ever had?

Why do you think the inventor of the rubber duck went with ducks anyway?

If not a duck, what other kind of bird would have worked?

Ever go to the river to feed the ducks?

Who's the best fictional duck ever?

How often do you take baths as opposed to showers?

What's the most useful thing you can make with rubber?

Coolest kind of duck?

What's your opinion on "Howard the Duck?"

Howard the Duck made an appearance in "Guardians of the Galaxy." Which Guardian is the coolest?

A duck has to know how to swim. How are you in the water?

How often do you head to the woods to go camping?

Are you the life of the party?

When you have a duck you can't help but play with it. What kind of sport are you most likely to play?

If you're playing with a rubber duck you're probably relaxing. What relaxing game would you like to play?

If you had to choose between two 100% equal things, how would you make the choice?

Have you ever heard that the inside of a rubber duck is full of bacteria?

Do you actually even like real ducks?

What kind of music are you listening to in the tub?

They say if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Is that true?

Is it cool to eat in the tub?

Bubble bath?

Do you actually get clean in the bath or do you need to shower after a bath?

How many people are too many people for a hot tub?

Let's say the plumbing in your house is in need of repairs and you can't take a bath or a shower. Now what?

Do you know the words to the rubber duckie song?

What do you do when someone yells "duck!?"

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Image: paul mansfield photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The rubber duck is one of those things that you probably never think about. They're so ubiquitous they just seem like a thing that's always been there. But of course, they do have a history that dates all the way back to the 1940s and the rise of rubber manufacturing. Once we'd started making things out of rubber we couldn't stop. We made ducks!  According to the LA Times, they made 50 million of the little guys. That's a lot of quackers. But that's also a heck of a lot of baths that got slightly more fun.

While the traditional rubber duck is that iconic little yellow friend we all know at a glance, it's by no means the only rubber duck out there. The mighty duck has changed with the times and a lot can happen in about 80 years. So sure there are still a ton of little yellow ducks in the world, but there are many other kinds to suit everyone's needs and whims. Some are fit for baths, some are just toys, some are goofy little things no one would have ever thought of. Do you have any idea what kind of rubber duckie you might be? Take the quiz and see!

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