What Kind of Soul Do You Find Most Attractive?

Monica Lee

Who do you admire most?

What do you think of people who volunteer in soup kitchens?

What is a trait you find attractive in others?

Do you appreciate a sense of humor?

Someone has cut you off while you're driving. What is the appropriate response?

You're sick, how do you want to be treated?

What's the best way to settle arguments?

Which physical feature are you most attracted to?

When it comes to lovers what type do you think is the best kind?

Which of these bad habits would drive you the most crazy when living with someone?

Are you a cat or dog person?

Do you like people who are competitive?

What's the best quality of the best male role model in your life?

Which organization would you want your soulmate to raise money to support?

What's the best kind of gift you can get from someone?

Are you attracted to outgoing people?

You have a risky decision to make, what do you want your partner to do?

How do you feel about a early start to your day?

Do you admire people who work long hours?

What do you like best about your BFF?

What area of employment do you think is most rewarding?

You just came home from a long day, and the house is a mess, what do you want your partner to do?

You're interviewing someone for a job and ask what their worst quality is. What is the most acceptable answer to you?

Which of these people do you admire most?

Which of these quotes resonate with you?

Which of these famous people do you like the most?

What is the best quality of the most important woman in your life?

How trusting do you think someone should be?

What career do you think would be amazing to have?

You're stressed out, what does your best friend tell you to do?

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About This Quiz

According to spiritual scholars, there are seven types of souls in this world or seven primary ‘roles in essence.’ They are named Sage, Scholar, King, Artisan, Server, Warrior and Priest. A person’s soul or role has no bearing on that person’s station in life. A King soul will live just as many ordinary, hard-working days as a Server. A Server has just as much opportunity to become a world leader as any King. Think of the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Queen Elizabeth II, for example. They are all in the upper echelon of souls. 

In order to find the soul who is the best companion for you on your journey to your true self, we will ask you a series of questions about your likes, dislikes, social interactions as well as attitudes and traits. Questions like, "What career do you think would be amazing to have?" Or, "What's the appropriate way to behave if someone cuts you off while driving?" We'll also dig deeper into the personality traits that you observe and appreciate in others. These answers will guide us to the soul mate who is best matched to you. Find out more about yourself and the soul you are attracted to by taking this insightful quiz. 

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