What Kind of Spellcaster Are You?

Zoe Samuel

How up on technology are you?

How disciplined are you about when you go to bed?

How many news alerts do you have on your phone?

How much time have you needed to heal after the loss of a loved one?

How much time do you spend online?

Do you enjoy entertainment that forces you to question your point of view?

Have you ever been to a street psychic?

Are you freaked out by morbidity?

How often do you replace your phone?

Do you often find yourself reeling from nightmares?

What would you most want to know of tomorrow?

How do you feel about going to the doctor?

Do you know how all the settings and apps on your phone work?

Do you find the way you physically feel radically changes after daylight saving is enacted?

How much time do you spend worrying?

Have you ever gone to a cemetery for a reason other than a funeral?

Do you know how to reinstall a computer's operating system?

How much stock do you put in symbolism?

Do you play the lottery?

What color dominates your wardrobe?

How often do you need to call the handy man?

How similar do you feel most people really are?

Do you manage your own investments?

Do you think the past holds more lessons for us than the future?

Is newer always better, in your opinion?

How knowable is "truth"?

What are the terms of your employment?

How many languages do you speak?

Would you consider unnecessary surgery like laser eye surgery if it did more than just fixing something like nearsightedness?

Have you heard of lucid dreaming?

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About This Quiz

Magic is a very loaded term. In some cultures, magic, the occult, and religion are one. In other cultures, magic is considered the antithesis of religion. The very idea of what is magic and what is simply the way the world works can vary widely. It is said that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but even in these days of paper-thin mobile phones and artificially intelligent supercomputers, the cultures of the world still hold fast to their beliefs around magic, even inventing a few new ones.

Spellcasting can be divided into a huge spectrum of categories. How one divides these is based largely in one's belief structure. If one believes in "black" magic and "white" magic, then those may be the only acceptable categories, and if one believes that the door between life and death swings both ways, then it is possible that necromancy is simply a part of all magic and not a specialty at all. Taking these cultural differences into account, we have identified a series of "paths" of magic that reach into specific areas of specialty, or concerns.

Are you wondering what to put on your application to Hogwarts or Miskatonic University? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you what is your spellcasting specialty!

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