What Kind of Storm Are You When You're Angry?

Ian Fortey

Do you ever feel angry when you first wake up in the morning?

If someone asks you a sincere question that you think is pretty obvious, how likely are you to give a sarcastic answer?

If you're listening to the radio, would you say you like more of the songs that come on than you hate or not?

Have you ever cussed someone out during an argument about politics?

If your dog pooped on the carpet, would you yell at it?

Have you ever thrown the first punch in a fight?

Any chance you've ever plotted revenge on someone?

If you get stung by a wasp and see its nest nearby, will you destroy the nest?

Have you ever smashed something in anger?

How often do you say things you regret when you're angry?

Is your anger a slow burn?

Has your temper ever cost you a friendship?

How likely are you to road rage?

Do you think you have a problem with anger?

Which of these things is least likely to make you angry?

Which of these annoying habits can you just not stand?

Which surly animal do you feel most strongly connected to?

Have you ever gone to any kind of therapy to deal with anger issues?

In your own opinion, are you more or less angry than most people?

How easy is it to tip you from a good mood into a rager?

Do people take you more seriously when you're angry?

What emotions do you feel more strongly than anger?

How long do you think you can hold a grudge?

Do you have a trick to chill out when you feel yourself starting to lose your cool?

Do you feel like you get insulted easily?

Do you ever get angry at the way other people live their lives when you think they're doing something wrong?

Do you feel like most people are smarter than you or dumber than you?

Do you drink?

If someone comes at you physically, how will you respond?

Yoda said that fear leads to anger. Is your anger born from fear?

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Image: Liam Norris / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Few things can so succinctly remind us of just how powerful nature can be like a storm. As much as the Earth provides for us with water and food and shelter, it's not a sentient thing that's looking out for us. Powerful forces can take their toll on us at any moment, and storms are a constant, dramatic reminder of this. A simple summer thunderstorm is the kind of thing we've all grown to expect, and it can capture your attention easily and quickly. The wind, the rain, the sudden darkness all come in with a mysterious foreboding. Then the boom of the thunder and the arc of the lightning. It's all very intense and very emotional. And, if we're being honest, it comes across as very angry.  

There are as many kinds of storms as there are ways to express your anger when you think about it. Some roll in fast and intense while others build to an intensity that seems otherworldly. Some are hot and oppressive while others are biting cold. Some can bring untold destruction and leave a massive swath of ruin in their wake. So how does your anger manifest? Is it a light summer rain or is there something more there? Let's grab an umbrella, take the quiz and see!

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