Quiz: What Kind of Woman Do You Attract?
What Kind of Woman Do You Attract?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Pixabay by nastya_gepp

About This Quiz

There's nothing more attractive than a great personality! While we're sure you attract just the type of woman you love, let's make sure you are attracting the right kind for you. After we learn all about you and your relationship style, we'll fill you in on the type of female that cannot stop herself from knocking on your door. 

During this quiz, we are going to put the emphasis on you. It's only after learning about your traits and your relationships that we'll be able to accurately figure out which type of gal thinks you are the bee's knees. Whether or not you have to try all that hard to reel them in is irrelevant, but figuring out your traits will tell us which kind of woman you practically have to turn away. 

There as many kinds of women out there as there are stars in the sky, so let us help you avoid any future dating disasters. Once you know which kind of lady you tend to attract, you will be able to approach your relationships with more knowledge. You will know exactly how to handle the type of girl who finds you irresistible, but which type is it? 

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Which of your physical features is sexiest?
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What's your sense of humor like?
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How would you describe your job?
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Have you had a lot of long-term relationships?
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How would you describe your bedroom skills?
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What trait is most attractive to you?
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What kind of vehicle do you drive?
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What might you bring on a first date?
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Which area of your life is going the best?
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What is your sense of style like?
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